Vertical Composite Grinders

Vertical Composite Grinders

Vertical grinders, also known as cup grinders, are one of the most in-demand types of surface grinders for precision grinding. CNC vertical composite grinders, as the name suggests, are basically used to grind composite materials like CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer). These machines are frequently used in the automotive and aircraft industries, where concentricity between ID and OD is critical.

These machines help produce the desired surfaces with the face or side of the grinding wheel. This wheel is mounted on the vertical spindle unlike horizontal composite grinders. The wheel remains fixed and is fed down or up until the work is finished. The benefits of using a CNC vertical composite grinder as opposed to a CNC horizontal composite grinder are as follows:

  • It offers better roundness and less distortion.
  • All ID grinding, OD grinding and face grinding can be executed in a single chucking.
  • It is easier to load and unload heavy work pieces as it does not require support.
  • It requires less floor space (but more air space).
  • There’s less wear and its dust removal properties are better.

There are a couple other advantages. These, in combination with the ones listed above, prove that vertical composite grinders are better suited to grind work pieces with relatively large diameters and short lengths.

There are also several other benefits and features.


  • The chance of vibration and run-out due to the self-weight of the work pieces and chucker is almost zero. This results in greater accuracy.
  • It’s easy to chuck irregularly shaped jobs.
  • The structural design of the machines ensure desirable stability and rigidity.
  • High quality electric components ensure work stability.


  • User-friendly control panel frame
  • Auto Touch probe gauging
  • Hydraulic slide dressing device, which helps in expanding grinding wheel working space
  • ATC or Automatic tool change system, which helps in changing grinding wheels easily
  • Extra heavy loading capability

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