Shimada Lathes and Bar Machines

Shimada 2 SI-6/8 2-Spindle 1NC Lathe
  • After designing and producing Asia’s first 6 spindle Automatic, Shimada has become Japan’s leading manufacturer of cam-less CNC 6 & 8 Spindle Automatics and 2-Spindle Indexers.
  • The Automatics can be configured with up to two CNC slides, bar-loaders capable of feeding up to 32mm stock, and numerous optional and customized features which can further reduce the cycle times of so many of today’s large quantity runs. By combining the accuracy of CNC and the ease of the cam-less operation, part set-up can usually be accomplished in less than three hours.
  • The 2-Spindle Indexer offers the “load while machining” capability on a CNC lathe with 10” chucks, a geared headstock, and a robust, milling optional, twelve station turret.
Twin Spindle Lathes
The 2 SI-6/8 2-Spindle CNC Lathe was developed from the architecture of “reducing idle time to the utmost limit."
Turning bar material is considered time- and space-consuming. Shimada challenges that belief with high-speed turning using 6 spindles.
Shimada was the first in the world to develop and produce a CNC 6-Spindle Automatic Lathe.