Kitako-Shimada Vertical Lathe
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VT4-350 4 Spindle Unit VT4-350 High Accuracy Indexing VT4-350 Chip Conveyor
4 Spindle Unit, 2 Machine
While 2 Are Loaded
High Accuracy Indexing Chip Conveyor
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VT4-350 Hydraulic Unit VT4-350 Centralized Operation Panel  
Hydraulic Unit Centralized Operation Panel  

VT4-350 Productive CNC 4 Spindle Vertical Lathe

  • Part loading/unloading time is ZERO.
  • As a FM cell, the machine facilitates automization of a manufacturing line.
  • Vertical design enables handling of heavy workpieces.
  • Loading spindle is covered to protect from coolant and chips.
  • Spindle offset function compensates for earrors between spindles in the microns.
  • Spindle speeds can be independently controlled for each spindle.
Max. Turning Diameter 13.8"
Max. Turning Length 7.9"
X-Axis Stroke 12"
Z-Axis Stroke 18"
X-Axis Rapid Feed 788"/min.
Z-Axis Rapid Feed 788"/min.
Sprindle Speed Range 3200 rpm
Number of Sprindles 4
Spindle Nose ASA A2-8
Carrier Index Time 180° / 6.0sec. 90°/ 5.0sec.
Turret Tool Capacity 8 (OD:4, ID:4)